Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 18th Meeting Reflection

I apologize for my constant lateness... I'm working on it!

1. Name of Cohort Meeting: Personal Identity

2. What are 3 things you learned at the meeting?
-The first thing I learned is where my strengths lie based on the StrengthsFinder standard. And when I read the descriptions, it was uncanny how well they seemed to fit me.
-I learned that although we all seem to have lots of leadership talents and qualities in common, there was very little overlap in our strengths. This just goes to show that we may seem to be similar in many respects, but it's our differences that make us stronger as a group.
-Unfortunately, I learned a few days ago that my mentor had to step down from his position. However, I met my new mentor and she is absolutely wonderful. She's an RA on the floor right above me in Founders Hall, and I can't wait to hang out with her more!

3. Think about the strengths you identified in StrengthsQuest. Do you think they fit you well? Did any of the strengths surprise you? Why is it important to know what you are good at and not so good at as a leader?
-My 5 strengths were positivity, developer, empathy, woo, and input. As I read these, I thought these were spot on for how I view myself. I pride myself on my positive attitude, and connecting with others. For me, there's more fun in the PROCESS than in the final product. I love being able to lead by bringing people together. None of them really surprised me, except for a couple of them saying I always have the right words, which is definitely not true. I have a terrible time trying to say what I'm thinking. But knowing your strengths helps you focus on what you're the best at and in what areas you may be the best leader. The same goes for knowing where you lack a certain strength, and learning to let go and allow someone else to take the reigns if you know that you aren't the best fit person for the job.

4. Talk about a time when you felt your personal differences and diversity weren't respected by a leader in a situation. How did that make you feel?
-I loved being a part of Student Council all through high school. It was a terrific organization, but also came with its fair share of faults. Unfortunately, voting in chairs and representatives just turned into a popularity contest, so there were a number of times where the person in charge was not the person best fit for the job. My junior year, the president of our class was... a bit manipulative (Hannah, I'm sorry, but it's true). She always worked her side until she got her way, and that often meant putting others' opinions as afterthoughts. Sometimes my opinion was one that she would just step over. Sometimes she tried to take me along for the ride, and put others on the back back-burner, which definitely was not okay with me. Our main responsibility was planning Prom that year, and it ended up turning out absolutely fantastic, but I think she still feels like it was all thanks to her. It was really thanks to everyone in the group doing what they could towards different aspects of the planning. She had a really hard time trying to loosen her iron grip for us.

The RA posters are up! I wanna be an RA SO FREAKING BAD.
I believe that my 5 strengths would help me tremendously in being the best RA I can be! :)


  1. I also admire your strength of positivity Nick! You can always get our group to laugh & smile (: I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits of being an RA as well!!

  2. I love your love of process and you are a great asset to our group with your positive outlook. Also, you'd be a great RA! Your future residents are so lucky!