Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Leadership Academy Reflection

1. What are 3 things you learned at Leadership Academy?
-I learned that authentic leadership requires credibility, credibility requires authenticity of values, and authenticity of values requires self-reflection.
-I learned that congruence is a harmony between our inner and outer world, meaning our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are guided by honesty, authenticity, and genuineness.
-I learned that an important part of ethical decision making is acting rather than reacting to situations.

2.  What was your favorite part of the Leadership Academy? Did anything surprise you? What do you feel is the most important/valuable thing that you will take away from the experience?
-My favorite part of leadership academy was probably the game where one side of the room meant "agree" and the other side of the room meant "disagree", and we had to move around the room depending on our reactions. This also ended up being a very surprising activity, because when we discussed it afterward, it was almost impossible to be truly one side or the other. But the most important thing that I picked up during the overall experience was that true leaderships starts inside ourselves. There was so little focus on leading others throughout all of Leadership Academy because we spent the entire time figuring out ourselves as leaders.

3. Sum up each session in a few words:
-Values: Principles that define who we are and determine how we act and lead.
-Ethics: Putting values into action for the sake of justice.
-Commitment: The passion to move people.

4. What role do you think ethics plays in leadership? How will this influence your service project?
-Ethics are a key element to leadership. They are determined by our values, but change depending on the time and circumstance, just like leadership. We lead through our values, meaning we lead through ethics.
Ethics will be important during our service project because we determined the values that were important to us earlier in the year and what group of people we wanted to help. Ethics are putting values into action, so ethics will be the driving force of our service project.

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  1. I also enjoyed the agree/disagree game nick. It was very difficult to decide on the spot especially if the action in question was a particularly "touchy topic." But overall I completely agree with your sentiment that the event was about the fact that leadership starts inside ourselves. Great blog post!