Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December 6th Meeting Reflection

1. Name of Cohort Meeting: Reflection and Spring 2014 Goal Setting

2. What are 3 things you learned?
-I learned that we actually have some financial help to get our project done!!
-I learned that there are a bunch of students and alumni that would be great to bring to the hospital to help entertain the kids.
-I learned that FLI may not end for us this year! We may come back either for a second session, as a mentor, or even as a FLI coordinator!

3. What are you looking forward to about the next semester? How do you feel about the service project? Do you have any concerns? Name one major goal that you identified at the meeting and how you plan to execute it.
-I'm definitely looking forward to some change next semester. As much as I loved my classes this semester, I'm definitely ready to move on. I'm also really excited for RA interview stuff! I wanna be an RA super crazy bad! As for the service project, I'm feeling really good about it. It sounds like we have a pretty solid plan, and hopefully nothing major falls through. My only concern is being able to hold up my part of the project. I'm always afraid of dropping the ball and ruining everything. So my major goal is to complete my portion to the best of my ability to help set the location of the event, which we need before anything else.

4. What are your plans for winter break?
-I'm hoping to get together with some of my high school friends that I haven't seen since the summer. I'm also going to call Christi Rotterdam from the Children's Hospital about setting up the location and event. Other than those, then I'm going to get some well needed R&R.


My wonderful RA that made my first semester fantastic!

 My critical thinking group that made the class a ton of fun!

This is what I did in my free time. It's the small things to be proud of. ;)

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  1. I love all of your pictures nick! I agree I was ready to move on to a new semester but I hope your break was wonderful and you got plenty of rest!